The Small Business Program Office (SBPO) works closely with the Education and Human Resources offices to grow the diversity of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSI). To join the HBCU/MSI Researcher Council email

Outreach Initiative

The annual HBCU/MSI Outreach Initiative is in its fourth year here at JPL. Our outreach has grown over the years, and below is a list of those schools who had committed to visiting our campus since 2016: This year’s HBCU/MSI Outreach Initiative is cancelled due to COVID-19. We will continue our outreach efforts online through our JPL-HBCU-MSI Researcher Council. For information on the Council, email and enter JPL-HBCU-MSI Researcher Council in the subject line.

The SBPO sponsors the annual HBCU/MSI Outreach Initiative to enable the facilitation of research partnerships and interactions with the HBCU/MSI community. In addition, this annual outreach initiative assists JPL in identifying research expertise at HBCU/MSIs and involving faculty in research and development proposal efforts.

JPL’s vision for current and future outreach efforts to HBCU/MSIs include:

  • Building upon previous experience with HBCU/MSIs
  • Establishing new partnerships
  • Generating additional support for innovative research